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Series-Inspired TV Blankets

The world of television is one of the most diverse forms of entertainment, providing hours upon hours of captivating content across hundreds of different channels and streaming services. For our in-house team of designers, that means there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to creating new pieces of homeware.

Our TV-themed blankets are enough to satisfy any binge-watcher, be they from the demographic that experienced the transition from black and white to colour or the one that came into the world to the sound of Netflix’s start-up screen.

Children can enjoy the likes of Rugrats and Power Rangers, snuggling with their new blanket or perhaps using it as a curtain for their box fort. Adults, on the other hand, can travel to 1980s Hawkins with Eleven and the rest of the Party, explore the kingdom of Cintra alongside the White Wolf (Geralt of Rivia), or hide behind their blanket when the tension of Squid Game becomes too much to handle.

Alternatively, the comedy lovers among you will appreciate our more light-hearted TV blankets, which capture the satirical humour of South Park and Rick and Morty. Who doesn’t love a slightly controversial joke?

Blankets for Watching TV

If you’re someone who enjoys binging your favourite shows at the weekend (or maybe every night), you owe it to yourself to find a suitable companion — a TV-watching blanket, that is. Wrapped in its warm materials, you’ll be able to relax after a hard day and fully immerse yourself in the drama unfolding on your screen.