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Mother’s Day Sweet Treats

It’s common knowledge that every mum has different taste when it comes to gifts. Whether that’s homeware, pamper gifts, or a flavourful treat, you want to get it right and leave them feeling loved and appreciated.

If your parent falls into the latter category, enjoying nothing more than satisfying their sugar cravings, we recommend a product (or two) from our selection of Mother’s Day chocolates and sweets.

Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts

We’ve no doubt that you’ve gifted your mum some chocolate in the past. These milky food items always go down a treat, functioning as a great accompaniment to a larger present or as the main event itself.

You can choose a classic bar, or if your mum is the type of person who enjoys a bit of variety, there are plenty of selection boxes containing a mix of textures and flavours. The more creative mums (those who prefer the process of making food as much as they do the eating part) have also been catered to, with our melt-and-make kits extending the duration of the fun by allowing them to hone their sculpting skills.

Mother’s Day Sweet Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ pick and mix? The mouth-watering excitement of selecting your favourite sweets. The pleasure of stuffing them into your mouth. The no-regrets belly ache that follows … every single time.

If your mum has reminisced about her childhood memories of visiting the candy store, a Mother’s Day sweet box will assuredly ignite fond recollections of flying saucers, black jacks, cola bottles, and popping candy.

Another favourite sweet treat is popcorn. This is the perfect opportunity to let your mum unwind with her favourite film and very own popcorn gift box. If you’re lucky, she might even share some with you!