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Who Is Alfred Hitchcock?

Alfred Hitchcock was an English filmmaker said to be one of the most influential figures in cinematic history. Having created over 50 films that evoke feelings of tension — such as Psycho (1960), The Birds (1963), and North by Northwest (1959) — he has been given the appropriate title of ‘Master of Suspense.’

His journey in the film industry began in 1919, during which time he met his wife, Alma Reville. The pair didn’t properly work together until Always Tell Your Wife (1923), and after this point, they collaborated on several projects. Her influence on his life was such that she received her own title in recognition: Lady Hitchcock.

Hitchcock’s career was a long one, with him being named director on many different movies leading up to the prior-mentioned classics: Number 13 (1922), The Pleasure Garden (1925), The Lodger (1927), and others.

Alfred Hitchcock Merchandise

If you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the Master of Suspense’s filmography, our Alfred Hitchcock merchandise will allow you to share your love for his legendary pictures.

To start, why not put yourself in the shoes of a director with an Alfred Hitchcock director’s chair? Crafted in the style of those used on real-life movie productions, these wooden chairs feature unique designs that are representative of his many works. Select your favourite, and add some Hollywood flair to your home.

Of course, even the best directors need to relax every now and again, so an Alfred Hitchcock blanket is a must-have item. Stock up on food and drinks, and enjoy a marathon of the greatest Hitchcock movies. Which classics will you be watching?