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Slush Puppie

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A Childhood Classic Returns

Our childhood was a special time for all of us. It was back then when we could live worry free without bills, responsibilities and work, but also a time when we had lots of exciting sweets and treats.

Life back then was all about having fun and enjoying good times & treats, with many of them not coming bigger or better than the old famous Slush Puppie.

When you walked into a shop and saw one these iconic machines, your parents instantly knew what was coming. It was time for them to reach into their pockets and give you the tasty cold drink that you need!

Slush Puppie Machines have now been around since 1970, over half a century ago, but despite their age their popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. With the brand and their famous slushy makers still hugely popular with kids and adults of all ages today.

Here at IWOOT UK we’re huge fans of these tasty bevs and have a nice set of Slush Puppie syrups and flavours to choose from that’ll transport you back to yesteryear.

Slush Puppie Machines Delivering Nostalgia

When growing up, owning your very own Slush Puppy machine seemed like something of a pipe dream. These were something we only saw in the shops or on trips to the seaside, which made them something of an elusive treat.

But now the game has changed. Slushy machines are now available to bring home and yes before you ask, they are the real deal.

Looking just like those famous old Slush Puppie machines we used to fantasise over and featuring the famous dog logo, you can now enjoy those tastes from the comfort of your own home.

Retro Slush Puppie Syrups, Cups & Sets

One of the best things about these as a kid was the range of flavours to choose from. We have a range of Slush Puppie syrups that’ll have your tongues lighting up in all sorts of colours – that’s when you know they taste good!

These are the ultimate home accessory when it comes to treating both yourself, friends and family. We can also imagine them going down pretty well at parties!

And for the big fans of these great beverages, you can also find special edition Slush Puppie cups, straws and sets to give it that extra authentic feel.

It’s time to take a trip down memory road…