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Bring the Galaxy to Life with Star Wars LEGO

Arguably the greatest sci-fi franchise of all-time and one that’s a big favourite of ours here at IWOOT UK is now available to bring to life like never before through our range of LEGO Star Wars sets.

It originally debuted on big screens around the world back in 1977 with A New Hope and it's since gone onto dominate, with the franchise now valued at around at a mega £70m. It’s success has led to plenty of high profile collaborations with many big brands, but the heavyweight partnership with LEGO kick started back in 1999 and has been a massive hit.

It’s expansive universe, quirky vehicles, lightsaber battles and huge set of characters make it perfect for LEGO, allowing us to get really hands on and experience some of the madness for ourselves.

Maybe you can’t fly around the galaxy and battle with Tie Fighters in the Millennium Falcon, but you create them yourself from the ground up and fantasise over those famous scenes.

The Ultimate Gift for any Star Wars Fan

Star Wars LEGO sets offer an immersive building experience which is suitable for fans of all levels and ages.

Through these kits you’re able to build iconic vehicles and ships such as the Millennium Falcon and Death Star in LEGO form, along with X-Wings, Tie Fighters, AT-AT’s and even more.

It also gives builders the chance to really get hands on with their favourite characters like never before. Personalities from across the Skywalker saga are all included across in our range which includes the likes of Baby Yoda, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Bobba Fett, Rey and many more.

Our selection of Star Wars LEGO sets spans across the whole story, featuring all of the original trilogy, prequels and sequels, ensuring that the newest and oldest fans have something to choose from.

All of which depends on what your allegiance is obviously. But rest assured, whether you’re Sith or Jedi, Empire or Rebel, First Order or Resistance or a bounty hunter chasing the biggest pay cheque, you’ll uncover something pretty great.

Iconic Battles Re-Created through LEGO Star Wars Sets

We all have our favourite scenes and battles to come from the franchise and the beauty of LEGO Star Wars sets is that you can re-create them to your heart’s desire.

Think the iconic AT-AT battle on Hoth, Obi-Wan sneaking around the Death Star cannons, the epic Ewok battle during the Endor assault and Luke’s Tattooine speeder chase!

Giving the gift of LEGO not only provides a fun and challenging building experience, but also provides an adventure similar to that of your heroes (or villains) from the big screen!

Ideal for budding young builders and collectors alike, find all the latest and new LEGO Star Wars sets at IWOOT UK and get that hard hat on. It’s time to starting building and saving the galaxy!